Wednesday, June 25, 2014


everything in fighting is technique and conditioning.

i beat up a woman tonight
i'm not proud of myself, but she was asking for it
provocatively standing against the wall
in her tight tank top and short shorts
with her i-can-play-with-the-big-boys look trying to cover up her doe-like eyes

i hate hitting women
i avoid doing it as much as i can
my first time was with a fifty year-old
who laughed as she taunted me
laughed with a grimace as i almost made her pee when i punched her in the bladder

my second time was with a girl so short that all i could see was her head and breasts
and she was convinced that i was aiming for them when i was really swinging for her gut

my third time was with a girl i really had the hots for
and when i refrained from kicking her too hard in the chest she turned a bright shade of red
thinking i'd intended to sexually assault her instead of merely physically

i've since succeeded in knocking out girls who thought they were tougher than me
and even succeeded in making one girl wet herself 'cause she believed she could take me on effortlessly

i certainly taught *her* a lesson

tonight the woman i knocked down was a friend of mine
and after the lesson was over she allowed me to pick her up and show her what i'd done, how i'd done it, how to do it, and how to protect herself from it

through the painful rite of passage what she's been hearing about all along has finally been demystified, deconstructed

and i *almost* feel sorry for the next man who tries to lay his hands on her