Wednesday, August 31, 2011

should i compare that to the summer's thrust?

should i compare that to the summer's thrust?
that was not lovely, nor quite temperate
no winds did shake the giant trees august,
and summer's stride hath all too long a gate:
today too hot the eye of heaven shone,
though oft' was his dank cloud complexion dimm'd;
and every sweat from head did downward run,
by chance or wind's gust's changing course untrimm'd:
but this eternal summer shall not fade
nor lose possession: global warming growest;
but shall death drag us wandering to his shade,
when to eternal tombs our time doth flowest:

so long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
so long lives this, which warns of death to thee.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

death song revisited

this time, as i close my eyes
i'm ready for my judge
heavy sentence already served
i, smiling, bear no grudge

i stand here still at water’s edge
of childhood, listening to the beach
the rolling waves, the seagull screams
that i called home, and out of reach

i am that worthy sinner
an unrepentant heathen
for my god is He you bow before
my soul, forever mine

how many deaths can one man die
before he can be called a man?
i will remain, inside of you
i will live on, though not the same

i've climbed tall mountains, once above
sat washed by clouds and dried by winds
then looked to see i'd gone nowhere
there are no tops, but only bends

i place coins of love on grief’s eyes
for this last breath, my funeral pyre
so many moments will combust
into this whirlwind phoenix fire

i stretch my demon wings
my halo shimmers gold
i reach above, and reach below
returning to the world of old