Friday, January 30, 2015


i have spilled ink onto a pristine page
that curled around to form a cocoon to incubate my poem
my secret poem
i hold you up to the light though you are yet shrouded in dark delight
i mutter your name as if it's not a vain action to fantasize you complete
though your vocal chords aren't yet fully formed, the lines and folds of your letters direct my mind's eyes from the peaks of where yours will be to the troughs of answering whys
though you will question me more than i can ever imagine

the love i bear you is as much as i do myself
as you promise to deliver me from a shelved life to center stage
from a mixed metaphor to a saviour of an age
and i will watch over you
i will nurture you and hold you and guide you
and you
you will be better than me
you will be sharp and clean and clear and you will know no fear of facing the world
for i will weaponize you, a weapon of mass construction
whenever you play it will be to change the game and you won't ever leave people the same as the way you found them

least of all me

i eagerly await and anticipate your first howl, your first cheer, your first tear
the first time that i send you off to interact with your peers

you will represent me
you will be my consolation
you will be my immortality

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