Tuesday, December 31, 2013

online dating

our relationship is just like schrödinger's cat
though it all seems quite perfect right off of the bat
as we sit on our seats right in front of our screens
while we each screen each other to see if our dreams
can be matched without needing a patch for the seams
like a thatched roof erected without using beams

i see you, you see me, though it's not in 3D
it's a representation that's as real as it's free
to be opened and angled and zoomed in and out
we can judge and pass sentence while the jury is out

and the treehouse we build on this fantastic tree
with its limbs that have branched out between you and me
gets more grand by the day, till it gets in the way
and we're trapped by the walls that we build when say

that we're so far away;
then we should meet and play
in our treehouse so that we can take such a day
to cut out a window that'll let us see in
and decide if what was is a fail or a win

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