Tuesday, July 2, 2013

reality blur

it was all too subtle, what she did to me. i'd had a bit to drink and a pleasant afternoon and was on my way home when the metro doors suddenly opened and i found myself quickly crossing to the opposite car where she sat smiling at me.

she was tall, with glossy black hair and smooth skin covering pretty features and almond-shaped eyes. as i sat down next to her i realized that i'd been on the right train before and was now going the wrong way. i laughed quietly, and we sat in silence until the next stop. we stood up in unison, and she smiled as she stepped out, her hips swinging gracefully from side to side in an expression of summer sunshine and flowers in bloom.

as she passed the stairs she knew i'd need to take to return, she paused to look down as if waiting for someone. perhaps she wanted to see if i knew how to teleport yet? perhaps she was testing me. i only knew that i had to be where she was looking, and so down the stairs i went.

would i see her again?

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