Monday, April 1, 2013


resigned, it's just a letter
nothing special, could be better
that, once sent, becomes a word
it's my voicelessness heard
like all others, it's a process
it's a way that i can possess
a state, both past and present
something else, or something latent
that's together, that's apart
in the wrong order, in the dark
when the giant, crushing fist
coming out from the mist
to squeeze my head tight
to squeeze with all it's might
i'm peeking out through the gaps
in these thick finger-traps
i call out, my voice firm
though my damned soul does burn
there's no suffering, there's no pain
i won't do this again

i'm somewhere else.
i'm someone else.
i walk through the cold and dark alone,
my eyes on the moon and the stars,
my brain sticks to the realities of now like chewed gum
i've been pretending not to notice.

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