Saturday, December 8, 2012

life in the love lane

deep underground
in a tunnel of humanity
the crowd awaits the loud sound
of their train to come around

in the near-sighted haze
stand these figures of inanity
seekers of some body-warmth
each dreams that they'll be found

i see you, and i blush
i'm relieved of all my vanity
i find no path that's to you
i must make one or stand still

i squeeze past strangers
meet their eyes with my apology
so brief, it makes their eyes bright
for mere contact brings a thrill

i hurry towards you
in my race against the train
catching glimpses of your face
through the smoky waiting air

and i think to myself
how i'll touch you through the pain
how i'll smile through scars to say
that i like your different stare

if you smile back
and your eyes remain so fair
perhaps i'll stay with you
because this love is just so rare

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