Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mid-way through my service...

they give me a gun
then they take it away
things that go click in its place

they give me a broom
i'm a gutter tycoon
i'm old and i'm young, i've no face

to do me a kindness
they make my life hard
then they smile and they say "it's alright"

but i sit here outside
without any light
through a restless, and lonely, cold night

they tease me with girls
while they cancel my thrills
and they throw food at me i can't eat

they tell me i'm fine
that i haven't crossed a line
but they know now that they've got me beat

time's ticking slowly
but at least it's not stopped
and it's not like it's not any fun

but the first chance i get
and as soon as i can
i'm making a break and i'll run

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