Friday, May 11, 2012

invitation only

the baboon's cage is solid gold
the zookeeper guards the gate
you can't get in if you're not on the list
now empty your pockets right onto this plate
if we've taken it all, well, then come right on in
just don't take off your jacket, that's a cardinal sin
please do have a seat sir, we'll begin really soon
as the minutes tick by, you can hum to the tune
of the whistling and winking as the baboons troop in
as they each take a seat round the tables of tin
ooh, ooh, ooh, said the silverback, thumping the table
oh, oh, oh, clapped his neighbour, his hair glossy and sable
the silverback, sated, jumped up, glared about
thumped his chest, before dragging his knuckles on out

as he left through the exit, a murmur began
but the sable son razzed them to silence and then
he crumpled some paper, scratched his back with his pen
took a dump on his table just to show that he can
now there was much applause, as the next speaker farted
and then waved a banana, which was how things got started
there was food fighting, poo flinging, screeches and screams
then the troop split themselves into two scary teams
each team making a stand, clambering up on the sides
the cage shaking with violence, with gestures and cries
is there anyone here that recalls how to talk?
how to shake hands, to smile, to share peace-making lies?

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