Sunday, May 1, 2011

you can't do that!

you can't be hopeful all the time
you can't just let it flow
you're not the best, you're not sublime
you're the biggest jerk i know

don't you learn? don't you see?
the world's bigger than you or me
your impact's tiny, no-one cares
the only thing you'll earn are stares

why're you wasting all your time?
thinking big, at cost of small
your efforts are mere pantomime
no-one wants to hear your call

stretch yourself until you disappear
leave us with our consciences clear
save your strength, and all your trouble
we're happy here, inside this bubble

shut your mouth, no - shut your ears
cease your judgements, just believe
we're doing it right, we shed no tears
if you don't like it then just leave

put on your suit, pick out your tie
then cut your hair, prepare to lie
now beg at your terminal, wave to the boss
life's a serious thing, where your gain is your loss

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