Saturday, May 28, 2011


we stand and talk
each voice equal
of love and hate
of hope and fear

we talk
equal, voices drowning out
noises of love and hope
drowned by those of hate and fear

talking, words without base
nor image, nor manifest
in defiance of our rendering
glassy-eyed lisp and stutter
mouths purging, swarms of flies
cloud and buzz angrily
not venturing from empty caverns
incapable of imprisoning them

we stand and talk
in the power of our
loving, hating, hopeful, fearful flies

our slack speech
building chaotic, despotic worlds
which we despise, yet
like deep pools of dread-cold water
we dive into
die into
from giddy, angelic heights

we stand and we talk
flying and falling
soaring and sinking
swimming and bathing in words

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