Tuesday, May 31, 2011

secret cinquains


a slow
and heavy start
then freshly brightened up
zipping and zapping all around
settling in for the long road to
a better place... comfortable
for a distance
sends love


telephone garland

from far away
to express my feelings
a well, a spring, of love, to you,
is tough

ten years
with me over here
and still i do not feel
that i am far away, alone
thank you

you don't
seem to find that
it's hard to deal with my...
mistakes... but i'm glad that you do
you rock

how do
you keep your heart
ready to receive my
distant, disembodied being

what is
your driving force?
what makes you tick, keeps you
optimistic, and powerful?
keep strong

with me over here
it's hard to deal with my
distant, disembodied being
keep strong


the boss

skilled men
know when to bow
to your unwavering
clear thoughts and direction
you're good

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