Friday, March 25, 2011

vampiric lust

"there goes eve, hanging on the arm of the most beautiful boy in town. he's tall, well-built, not too smart for his own good and - more importantly - he's hers. she's been feeding on him for the past few weeks, and he's been feeding off the respect that goes with being attached to someone as powerful and... as interesting.

eve has turned bedsport into a fine art. she's been obsessed with sex since long before she was turned; hell, it's why she was turned. the old geezer was experimenting, and he found in her the perfect subject. god knows how long he spent training her - rumour has it she spent most of that time under compulsion, to get through the grittier stuff - but once he was done there was no stopping her."

"what happened to him? dunno. i guess she fucked him to death."

"look at her. she's gorgeous. she's like an alien that's come down from planet fuck to turn our heads and destroy our souls. i wouldn't mind a round or two with her.
hah! me with her. look at me - she'd as soon rip out her own eyes as fool around with the likes of me. she's not into ferals - if you're not text-book glossy-magazine pretty, you don't stand a chance. fortunately, for her at least, enough pretty-boys and girls have heard of her that she doesn't have too much trouble organizing orgies.

what a waste. come on - let's go fuck with her."


robert was gorgeous. right now, though, he wasn't quite looking his best - smeared across the walls of the hotel suite, littering the room with chunks of flesh and bone. there's eve, sitting in the corner - is she crying? are those real tears?


let's go back a few minutes.

they're in bed, but something's wrong. the second she closes her eyes she remembers, her entire body freezes in disgust and she feels sick. and this is now the second time. she's getting angry. she's pissed.

and then all hell breaks loose.


let's go back a bit further.

eve and robert are on their way home. they walk past the graveyard, and walk in giggling to themselves. sex in a graveyard's a fun poke in the cardinal's eye. they're off to find the holiest spot. the stone monument looks good - not too uncomfortable - and it's a warm night. the cool, smooth stone feels just right. and robert's getting good. it's all smooth, sensual, nothing rough for tonight; but the night's got a surprise for her. robert's hitting the spots, and eve's letting go. her usually keen senses are overwhelmed by pleasure, but just as the waves begin to roll... an ugly grunting interrupts.

it's close, she shakes herself out of her stupor, and looks up to see that robert hasn't noticed a thing. of course he hasn't. she touches finger to his lips, gives him a look to say "stay still", slides off the stone to investigate.

the last thing she expects to find, on the other side of that very same monument, is one of those nightmarish ferals with his ugly, half-torn ghoul arched over a tombstone beneath him in grim parody of her and robert, tongue lolling, making ugly noises *just* loud enough for her to hear...

she has no time to react before this fun-house mirror vampire stops, baring his teeth into icy grin, and the two of them vanish.

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