Saturday, March 26, 2011

it's a pill

it's a pill that you give me
ever so sweetly

a pill that washes away all of my pain
clouding my thought and unfocusing my brain
tugging me, pulling away from my plight
to you, or to it, or to anything that might
just be the key to what i'm looking for
i dig a bit deeper, and then even more
eventually finding myself at an end
that wasn't my aim, i did not intend
to be back where i started, back in a rut
i've gone round full circle, nothing's changed but
the seconds are ticking by, minutes are few
the work's still not flowing, i've so much to do
i feel the sun rising, my eyelids weigh down
the earth keeps on spinning, and i feel the town
laughing and jeering at me in its sleep
as i stress and strain for my promise to keep
but instead of slogging through, finishing the job
i'm writing this poem, 'cause i'm such a knob
that even when writing the dirty "P" word
i'm doing just that and it's mightily absurd
please save me from myself, stop feeding me pills
'cause i can't stop putting off what my time kills

[and now... back to my seminar?]

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