Friday, February 25, 2011


long fine threads
silvery red streaks
flickering, vibrating
the retina of the mind's eye

jumping out to our heads
swirling snapper seeks
looping, tightening
holding us here until we die

vicarious meds
strange, conniving freaks
manipulating, fighting
until the them becomes i

[our lecturer was laughing about oxford's etymology machine determining that the word "cable" is of unknown origin, presumably indian. not at *all* similar to חבל (chevel).

the quote i found: "lasso, rope, halter for cattle". i was remarking on the fact the cable tv really does tie people to it: and not to the good stuff, either. it's freaky to think of how many people are addicted to reality shows, when there're discovery, sci-fi, animal planet and channel 8 that all show incredible shit.

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