Saturday, May 10, 2014


here i stand before you
an emptied vessel
pleading with the muses for inspiration infusions

i'm never careful what i wish for...


oedipus rex sits in the captain's chair wearing a gold shirt and a visor that painfully injects data projections directly into his visual cortex
antigone in front of her small navigation console feels her brother's presence through the force
the stars whizzing by as they fly back towards the dawn of humanity
when they will crawl out of their crash-landing crater to tell the oracle their tale

a descendent of paul muad'dib enjoys brunch at the restaurant at the end of the universe, he listens with half an inner ear to muad'dib and both agamemnons debating ethics as he stabs his still-live soup with his spork

achilles' shield is being smuggled through a worm hole in a firefly class ship only to be dropped off near a small tribe on the planet of the apes to - the - sound - of - a - mo-no-li-thic - drum - beat

moses, jesus and mohammed mosey into a saloon where a man dances to bullets for wearing boots whose label makes them unfashionably ahead of their time

the bell rings
*ding* *ding*
mahatma dhalsim bursts out of his corner with his arms raised
extending them to strike tyler durden in the mouth
susan storm cheers, the disappears again

crash override finds himself standing on a stockpile of trash
begging for his childhood back
and room service
because there is no spoon

wonderland is being devoured by the nothing
the cheshire cat throws his piercings into the dead hatter's hat
pulling out a white rabbit while the red queen feeds edmund turkish delight from a box labelled "eat me"

d-d-d-d-dragons as old as the er-earth rise to wagner's ride of the valkyries
ridden by an army of green paladins holding their heads in their hands
ready to drop them on an unsuspecting germany
the nazg├╗l rotate their rings to change the enigma codes
alan turing walks his one ring into the depths of mordor

brutus in his blood-stained red riding hood is tied to a chair
he tut-tuts and shouts "what's up, doc?" as dr house rips away his mask to reveal... claudius!
who's sure he would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids


here i stand before you
and what i have to say is
we are all made up of stories
we are all cross-over fan fiction of one form or another
our stories demand to be shared, evolved, mixed up, mashed up, recombined, folded remoulded and told again

there's no such thing as "original", you silly goose, who can lay golden eggs 

storytime is relative, reflexive, reversible and true
to you

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