Friday, March 2, 2012


freedom - it costs nothing because it's worth nothing. it doesn't exist, cannot exist, because in a word it escapes the cage that has no bars, no windows and no doors. it's a relativist construct, a catch-all that protects us from everything we don't like: but it does have a caveat - it cages us in all the things we do. those things that the others don't want us to do.

wanting to give others freedom, trying to force them to buy in, is the desire to produce the ultimate torture; the pain of a broken world-view and its exquisitely uncomfortable counterpart, the uncertainty of choice.

what is free? where lies responsibility? who possesses the keys to the cage, and in which way do they turn? why do we need to be free when we can have whatever experience we want just by imagining it? and have its pleasure amplified by our knowledge of its forbidden nature?

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